Singing equals Happy Times:

  • From scientific evidence and my own personal experience as a chorister in many amateur musicals and with The Daydream Believers Inclusive choir,  I believe singing to be a magical powerful means of self-expression. Singing together in a group enhances communication with others, changes your energy and lifts your spirit .
  • Singing can help us to tap into our own inner feelings and give vent to pent-up emotions that without expression may result in negative emotional, psychological, and/or physical symptoms.
  • There is much evidence to support the great healing potential of vocalising, whether it is through singing solo or in a choir or  through meditative toning and chanting.
  • Giving vocal expression to the many parts of our personalities, or through the therapeutic effects of a soothing or inspiring voice on the listener, singing is utilised to help release inhibition, increase assertiveness, unleash the emotions, and increase self-esteem.
  • Evidence shows that music and singing is also used as a therapeutic tool to connect with, free up and integrate into consciousness, the unconscious parts of the personality that continue to undermine the individual's ability to change dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.
  • With greater awareness and insight comes the capacity for increased self-empowerment, improved relationships and, ultimately, greater happiness
  • Finally, good singing and good health both require good nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise,  relaxation, and correct breathing technique, and is the result of  a commitment to healthy vocal practice and healthy living.


 By Barbara Beinart  19/7/2017  Copyright


Singing unites souls

Singing SOULves so much

I find solace in singing


Singing in the car

singing at the bar

singing in the shower

singing on the hour


when you sing

You become a star


singing and dancing keeps me sane

singing saves and changes my brain

singing and dancing is certain

to draw away the dark curtain


Singing stores

Memories galore

Singing soothes you

Singing moves you

Singing Oozes joy

Keeps you on the go


Singing restores

Gives back more

Singing is such fun

Singing brings in sun


Singing brings you in the now

Join us -sing ...... no anger or rows

singing together

Singing is forever


Singing souls

Singing SOULves so so much

I find solace in singing



Join in the Christmas Celebrations with the City of Sydney and The Daydream Believers Inclusive Choir on Tuesday 28 November 2017 at 6pm under the Christmas Tree in Martin Place


 "If we Believe we can ..........
We will Make our Daydreams
Become our reality
We will Make it our daily practice to
Show up in our lives"

Barbara Beinart Pashut - Founder & Producer of The Daydream Believers Inclusive Choir 


Her daughter Jaime-Lee- who lives with a moderate intellectual disability, was her inspiration to start The Daydream Believers Inclusive Choir. Her vision is to enhance peoples lives through singing, dancing, fun and performance.


THE DAYDREAM BELIEVERS  is An exuberant inclusive singing and performance group and enjoys meeting every Thursday 5.30 to 7pm.
at COA Sydney 25 Rowe Street Woollahra with talented Pianist/Musical Director Robert Teicher. 
New members are welcome and there are no auditions.  
Cost $ 10 (concession $5)

The group includes people from all walks of life, seniors, people with special needs and their carers.
This is a fun group who also perform publicly at events and nursing homes.


Barbara believes "Music is the Magical Mindfulness Medicine for everyone"


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